Smartidea Learning – SEO for Newbies

Smartidea clients usually approach our experts for SEO purposes as this is very common among businesses these days. As the internet is an integral part of the marketing process, companies are immensely dependent on SEO companies for handling their campaigns. To guarantee the best results from your SEO campaign, Smartidea suggests that you need to know a few basics about the same.

Have a basic understanding of link building

Your key purpose is to acquire crucial, authoritative backlinks to your website. By doing this from high ranking websites, you can increase the chances of your website gaining a high SERP ranking. Hence, Smartidea suggests that you need to have a basic understanding of the importance of backlinks in an SEO campaign once you start learning SEO.

Know more about conversion optimization

You can compare your website to a billboard installed on the roadside. People will probably drive past it throughout the day. But if they do not recall your information, then the billboard is totally useless. Hence, one of the basics of SEO which you should know is that just having high traffic is not enough. You should be able to convert those visits as well.

Learn about Schema Markup

It is a kind of a website coding in which search engines gain a better knowledge of its content. It is a kind of microdata which makes it easy for search engines to analyse and interpret the data of your webpage with amazing efficiency. Hence, they can provide relevant results to users based on their queries.

Learn about finding keywords

Of course, research consumes a lot of time, it is important to track down the right keywords. The key goal is to find keywords which have a high search volume, low competition and are comprised in your content. There are many tools like Google’s search based keyword tools which can be helpful in finding relevant keywords. It provides results on the basis of authentic searches on Google. So, if you have an AdWords account, make the best of it by having a list of keyword base ideas which are customized to the site of that account.

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